Create large scale maps of challenging and difficult environments rapidly with the TerrusM. Ensure that your maps are globally accurate over long distances by using survey control for conformance!

Applications and Environments

Large scale areas driven by vehicle
Challenging underground environments
Busy unstructured environments with urban canyons
Enterprise asset mapping

Manage change with the TerrusM through the rapid digitisation of large scale assets.  Store map data seamlessly in the GeoFuse cloud, locally on site, to build up an industrial atlas of your enterprise asset!


The TerrusM scanner is a mobile mapping platform that can easily be fit to light and large vehicles.  Operating at low driving speeds, the TerrusM can collect map data rapidly in busy environments with ease using  a simple touch screen interface.  Powered by the latest generation wildcat engine the TerrusM is the perfect tool for large and enterprise asset operators as they manage change to their asset.

Captured by vehicle in 25 minutes


Map data is collected in real-time by simply by driving around the environment.  Create and review the map in-vehicle before you leave site, in order to ensure that you only have to collect the data once.